Dakar Rally

Jan 6, 2018 To Jan 20, 2018


Why the Dakar Rally in South America?


For motorheads, extreme sports fans and adrenaline junkies the world over, ‘The Dakar’ is the ultimate proving ground when it comes to endurance rallies.

As the rally roams the unforgiving South American desert like a snarling juggernaut unleashed from Earth’s core, drivers of supercharged motorbikes, quads, trucks and cars must show exceptional navigational skills and endurance as they face very real dangers and towering mental walls.

The 2017 edition will see men and women from more than 50 nations tackle a brutal route starting in Paraguay’s capital city, through the heart of the South American desert, up to the heart of Uruguay and back down to a riotous finish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A diesel fuelled cultural showcase.

The incredible course and endless possibilities for new race routes are only part of the overall story. The legendary rally also showcases the richness of the landscape it covers and the native cultures whose roots run back to the world’s oldest civilisations.

At the finish line, glory is more than the number one podium spot; it’s the collective courage and skill that drives a fervent desire to finish, also known as “The Dakar Spirit”.


In short:

  • Witness a desert rally of Mad Max proportions.
  • Celebrate the rich history of South America.
  • Perfect inspiration for mid-life crisis vehicle purchases!
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager