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A Taste Of Russia - In New York.

If you picture Russian food as being nothing more than dumplings and borscht, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you book a reservation at the Russian Tea Room. If you’re looking for a phenomenal dining experience then look no further than this iconic New York restaurant. Featured in countless films and TV shows, including Sex and the City, the Russian Tea Room was founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet back in 1927.

What's Special About The Russian Tea Rooms?

The restaurant whips up classic Russian fare and--hold on to your fur hats--an extensive Vodka list. With elegant high teas, Russian decor and continental fine dining, the Russian Tea Room is considered a hub for writers, artists, actors and intellectuals to hobnob over caviar and champagne. The restaurant has played host to iconic guests such as Woody Allen, Madonna and Dustin Hoffman. So pull up a chair, pour yourself some chilled vodka and lose yourself in conversation in a restaurant that evokes the look and feel of the jazz age.

In Short:

  • An iconic restaurant featured in films and frequented by celebs. 
  • Russian food that goes beyond your expectations.
  • Extensive Vodka list (naturally). 
  • A memorable experience at a New York institution. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager