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Dine in an Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives.

Whereas having good food on a plate might have once been enough, today a dining experience is measured in more than just taste. From eating sushi off another person to dinners in the sky,  restaurants are constantly pushing the envelope to give diners a memorable meal.

Sub Six is an eatery in the Maldives that takes you under the sea for a meal in full view of marine life. Unlike other kitschy underwater restaurants attached to resorts or hotels, in order to reach Sub Six you have to take a speedboat and then descend down a dramatic staircase to this underwater world.

Champagne and oysters in an octopus's garden.

Sub Six is oceanic themed (of course) with a clam-shaped bar, soft anemone chairs beneath waves of capiz shells draped from the ceiling. In other words, if the Little Mermaid has a favourite restaurant, this would likely be it. The menu includes lobster medallions, sea bass and other fish fillets and expertly crafted seafood platters to enjoy in full view of the ocean. Parrotfish swim past shoals of Moorish Idols as Moray eels slide through the lagoon. Groupers make goliath appearances amidst the rainbow of butterflyfish and damselfish, while the resident Hawksbill turtle glides in for a visit.

The ocean serves as entertainment during this meal and--assuming you harbour no guilt for eating fish in plain view of swimming fish--you’ll walk away with a dining experience unlike any other.

In Short:

  • Subaquatic reef-side dining in true Maldivian luxury.
  • If a Bond villain turned restauranter SubSix would be the result!
  • A marine biologist's dream diner meets luxury Maldive escape. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager