Dreamforce 2017


Nov - Sep


United States

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Dreamforce 2017. Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You

Dreamforce. Sure this may have been a word that accurately described Luke and Darth’s nighttime visions, but down here on this plane, Dreamforce 2017 actually describes is a life-changing event, disguised as a software conference that will blow your Star Wars socks right off. So grab your favorite Wookie and fire up the Falcon, because business transformation and industry success are but a couple of clicks away from your galaxy. Whether you’re a start-up or industry leader, the 4 days you spend interwebbing with world-renowned leaders, Salesforce experts and hundreds of other like-minded, game-changing legends like yourself will set you up for a warp-speed explosion into success.

Be The One

Ignoring for a moment the quick hop over into Trekkie-speak and staying on course for your future business brilliance, if you’re still unsure as to whether or not Dreamforce 2017 is really for you, consider these, because, ""Good to know the following points are…” Salesforce was recently rated #1 on Forbes' list of World's Most Innovative Companies. And they’ve been on this list for 7 years running! You’ll have the opportunity to give back – it’s not all about you – through numerous opportunities to volunteer and give back to those who need it. And of course, partake in over 2700 breakout sessions that will beam your career path up to interplanetary levels. This must-attend event of the year will sell out, so grab your place while the going is good; don’t be left holding your lightsabre all on your lonesome!

In Short:

  • 4 days of the brightest and most innovative minds sharing their expertise and skills.
  • Dancing the night away to epic concerts of the likes of U2, Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars!
  • 1000's of live solutions, innovations, connections and transformations
  • The world largest cloud ecosystem… May the (Dream)force be with you!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager