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Why Eddie the Eagle Edwards “Try Hard” Talk?

With his bulky frame, Coke bottle glasses, pronounced chin and Last of the Summer Wine accent, Eddie the Eagle Edwards may have been the butt of many a tabloid joke but did those newspaper hacks ever dedicate their lives to achieving an impossible dream?

Did they compete in the Olympics for their country? Were their lives the subject of a $45million grossing biopic? Did they become Finnish pop stars sitting at their Fleet Street desks? Did they hell!

Self-taught ski-jumper Michael Edwards was working as a plasterer in Gloucestershire when he received the call to go to the 1988 Winter Olympics. In Calgary, he jumped into the record books and hearts of the entire world with his underdog, never-say-die attitude and down-to-earth persona, returning to Britain as an overnight sporting celebrity.

What makes Eddie the Eagle Edward's story so inspiring?

Almost unrecognisable from 1988, Eddie is a unique British sporting hero with an incredible story to tell. 

In Try Hard, Eddie talks candidly about his life-journey; from teaching himself ski-jumping, living in a Finnish metal asylum and being shunned by the sporting establishment, to the extensive surgery to rebuild his face and body following years of spectacular crashes on the snow as he set out to break stunt ski-jumping world-records.

From bankruptcy to gaining a Law degree, Eddie’s story is an inspiring tale of steely determination against all odds and in the face of adversity.

This man sums up what it means to be alive with the unlikeliest of Hero’s Journeys and should be an inspiration to us all. Someone should make a film about him! ;)

In short:

  • Hear a true British Hero’s incredible life story
  • Events across the country from St Ives to Inverness
  • Meet the ninth fastest man on skis in history
  • Spread your wings, learn to fly and...
  • Soar like an eagle - Eddie the Eagle Edwards!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager