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Why the Employee Engagement Summit?

Europe’s Biggest and best Employee Engagement Event is returning to London in April, and this year’s event is even more visionary than before. 
With 3 Plenary Keynotes, 45+ Speakers, 500+ delegates, and more than 20 Round Tables, that’s 19 more round tables than King Arthur had! 
Whether you’re the CEO of a huge digital company, a recruiter, the boss of a small business or a medieval King, The Employee Engagement Summit will show you how to engage your employees and colleagues - to make them happier and your business more productive and creative. The event highlights the cultural and commercial benefits of organisations taking a holistic and joined-up view of their employee and customer engagement strategies. 

What's so special about The EES? Which companies will be there?

Bringing you a winning lineup of leading industry brands, speakers from Coca Cola, John Lewis, BP, ITV and Gallup will share their top tips for creating a successful strategy to increase competitive advantage, and providing you with ample networking opportunities throughout the day, the Employee Engagement Summit is the key event for your diary!
This summit really is the Holy Grail of Employee Engagement, so if you want to keep your workers happy chappies and breed lifelong loyalty, click the link for tickets.

In short:

  • The Summit teaches you how to engage your employees
  • 3 Plenary Keynote Speeches and 45+ Speakers
  • 500 Delegates, 20+ Round Tables
  • Network with business contacts you need at the prestigious Victoria Park Plaza
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager