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Shoot The World’s Most Photogenic Settings In One Vacation.

You dream of photographing the wonders of the world but life’s too short, right?

Not if you partner with Fujifilm on an exclusive photography tour of the world’s 10 most photogenic settings. Think Phileas Fog meets Nat Geo!

Forget smartphone filters and Photoshop; your personal Fujifilm crew are packing a formidable arsenal of lenses and cameras for each location. You’ll be guided expertly on every single dial and button all the way to the most impressive portfolio in the world!

Limitless, Access-All-Angles Photography Tour.

Dust and dirt at the Grand Canyon? Not a problem. Harsh light on Mount Everest? Easy. Want to capture the spiritual atmosphere of Ubud’s Water Palace? As you wish. Underwater logistics for the Great Barrier Reef? No sweat with a pro water-housing. Swooping Eagles over Petra? Well, you get the idea.

With Fujifilm at your side, it doesn’t matter if you’re a budding blogger or barely know a polaroid from a point ’n shoot, on a photography tour of this calibre the only limit is your creativity. 

What your team don’t know about lighting and equipment could be written on a 35mm frame!

In Short:

  • Shoot the world’s 10 most photogenic settings in one vacation.
  • Expert Fujifilm travel companions.
  • From Bali to Rio, you’ll fly Business Class every leg of the journey.

Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager