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Why The Espy Awards VIP Package?

For most of us, the days of athletic endeavour are but a long and distant memory. 

Sure, we might once have been the star of the school hockey squad or maybe even made the bench for Millwall Under-12s. But with the passage of time and onset of real life, it seems the closest we get to sporting glory these days are those supermen and women who light up our television screens every Saturday afternoon.

But now, with the return of the ESPY Awards - ESPN’s annual celebration of the year’s greatest sporting achievements – even the most mediocre members of the public can find themselves hobnobbing with the industry’s most famous faces.

What Makes The VI In VIP So Very Important?

Equipped with a VIP ticket, you will be granted primetime seating during this star-studded event and with past winners including the likes of Rhonda Rousey, Lionel Messi and Stephen Curry, there is no telling what kind of sporting greatness you could find yourself sharing a martini with. 

But the extravagance does not stop there as, once the ceremony is over, you will be escorted to the ultra-exclusive after-party where you will be able to regale both sporting royalty and Hollywood A-listers with all your wittiest anecdotes.

The event is unashamedly black-tie, a salutation to all of sports’ greatest triumphs so, if you aren’t anticipating an invite, just click the link below and book your date with the stars.

In Short:

  • ESPN’s annual celebration the year’s greatest sporting achievements
  • Primetime seating during this black tie sporting event
  • Past winners include Rhonda Rousey, Lionel Messi and Stephen Curry
  • Ultra-exclusive, star-studded after-party
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager