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Why F3000 Driving Experience In Abu Dhabi?

How often do you drift into a cinematic racecar daydream at the traffic lights? 

You know the kind; your hatchback morphs into a slender, purring 3000cc V6 bullet and instead of being stuck on the commute you’re in pole position on a shimmering track under the desert sun.

Aaaand then you come to, the lights are green and the chap behind is honking and carrying on like a headless chicken!

Daydream no further, ditch the commute and live your fantasy with an F3000 driving experience that qualifies as the fastest you can possibly undertake without a racecar licence. That is unless your name’s Vin Diesel and you pinch supercars for a living, which we can’t condone no matter how cool it sounds!

Become The Car, Feel The Track.

The Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s most technologically-advanced F1 circuits and the playground for your inner speed freak to let loose, within reason that is. Don’t get any Vin-like ideas!

In full race gear, you’ll literally be strapped to the fastest machine you’ve ever probably driven, equipped with race cams so you can replay your finest hour back in the real world. 

Even though you’ll be vibrating with adrenaline, remember to relax because these vehicles are super responsive and you want to smash that personal best lap time.

In Short:

  • Professional F3000 race experience on Abu Dhabi’s premier circuit.  
  • Full instruction and technical briefing from pro racing coach.
  • Spectators and friends welcome.
  • Feel like the absolute boss on your next commute! 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager