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Why The Faralda Crane Hotel?

Here at Life of Riley, we know it can be difficult to find somewhere cool, crazy and discreet to get down or party, but we think we’ve unearthed one of the most genuinely exciting places to hang out in the whole of Europe - The Faralda Crane Hotel in Amsterdam.

You see, we normally pride ourselves on finding the best places to be seen, but this secret and very private hang out, hidden inside a huge, monumental harbour crane, is the place to not be seen. So why not take to the skies, beyond prying eyes in these high-tech suites hundreds of feet above the IJ Lake?

Located in the buzzing new, media centre of the city, The Faralda is also the ideal place to host meetings, corporate events and weddings plus has its own TV and music production centre making it ideal for business people, media creatives and free spirits... but let's get back to the romance!

What elevates this hotel to such distinguished heights?

The sky-high Panoramic Lounge and Free Spirit, Secret and Mystique suites are located near the top of the crane. Here, these compact and bijou rooms are arranged over split levels to provide a living space that we imagine a bit like a rocket…

A rocket with a spa in the top - you know; for that industrial chic, James Bond in space feel! There, you and your companion(s) can reach dizzy new heights while drinking fizz and admiring the sunset surrounded on four sides by phenomenal views of Amsterdam.

What happens in the crane stays in the crane cos, as the video says… with no cameras watching you, “no one knows what the hell goes on in that crane!”

In short:

  • Visit Amsterdam’s buzzing new media hub
  • Choose from The Free Spirit, Secret and Mystique suites
  • Panoramic Lounge and spa pool with stunning city views
  • Live like an international playboy/girl away from prying eyes!
  • People with vertigo need not apply!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager