Field Of Light Uluru


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Why Field Of Light Uluru?

If you thought Uluru was the Communications Officer aboard Star Trek’s original USS Enterprise, you can consider yourself pretty unenlightened! If, on the other hand, you knew Uluru is Australia’s First Nation’s name for Ayer’s Rock, give yourself a bindi and a pat on the back.

This year, British artist Bruce Munro is bringing his enlightening The Field of Light art installation to Australia for the first time, and with a name like Bruce - he’ll fit in just fine. Bruce and his team will install more than 50,000 lights that will blossom into life as darkness falls over Australia’s spiritual heartland and this is your chance to see the lights bloom. 

What's So Spellbinding About Uluru's Field of Lights?

With avenues carved into the lights like pathways through flower fields, this is your chance to go on your own mini-walkabout. You can start with the entry-level Field of Light Pass or for that once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience; why not indulge in a special dinner date under the brilliant Outback night sky courtesy of Ayer’s Rock Resort.  

This is the ultimate mash-up - a modern art installation at one of the ancient world’s most spiritual sites. If you don’t come out enlightened, you’ll at least feel radiant! 

With tickets starting from as little as AU$35, be sure to click the link for more info...

In Short:

  • Visit Uluru, aka Ayers Rock in the heart of Australia's heartland
  • Find a connection to the earth and with the First Nation
  • Be enthralled by 50,000 lights blossoming into life as darkness falls 
  • Indulge in a special dinner date under the brilliant Outback night sky
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager