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What is Fiesta de la Vendimia?

It's a heady mix of stunning alpine scenery, South American revelry and world class wine that make up Fiesta de la Vendimia's vibrant palette.

Nestled in Argentina's Andean foothills, arguably one of the most scenic places on earth, Mendoza erupts each year with a wine festival to honour the national grape harvest. In true Argentinian style, glasses overflow with bold Malbec, which locals claim to be the finest vino known to both man and the gods.


Broaden Your Mind and Your Palate.

The ancient Greeks revered Dionysus, god of hedonism and wine; the Romans raised their goblets to Bacchus, god of agriculture, fertility and wine; the Argentinians follow suit by celebrating their sacred sauce by crowning local beauty, the Vendimia Queen, and probably eating a mountain of beef steak too, which many argue is also some of the world's finest chow!

Mendoza is a buzzing place year round but the culturally enriching shenanigans during Fiesta de la Vendimia brings a thirsty crowd from of people from all over the world. We’ve found a tour for you that takes you through ancient ruins and fertile vineyards, with expert led wine tasting, climaxing in a parade of actual cowboys and of course, the crowning of the Vendimia Queen under the mighty Andean peaks ablaze with pyrotechnics. 

In short:

  • 6 days in Argentina’s Mendoza region, in praise of it’s wine and winemakers.
  • Journey through vineyards and Argentinian heritage sites at the foot of the Andes.
  • Meet likeminded people from all over the world who also share a love of fine wine.
  • Seems like a pretty awesome reason to raise a glass!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager