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Dory Is Lost.

So they found Nemo, and you thought you’d heard the last of it. Nope: now it’s Dory that needs finding. 
Or more accurately, her family. And her memories. But whatever, the point is that everyone’s favourite Disney Pixar fish are back, and you can bet it’ll be an adventure just as wacky and wonderful as the last one. 

Why Hit The Finding Dory Premiere and After Party?

What better way to make a real experience of it than VIP attendance at the film’s L.A premiere and after party? The kids will be beyond thrilled to have an evening so special — one they’ll remember forever (and get endless social media bragging rights over). 
But really, taking the kids is just an excuse for the grown ups to go and enjoy it. We all know that secretly every adult loves Disney Pixar films as much, if not more, than their kids do. You kinda want to be reunited with Nemo too, and go on life-changing undersea adventures with Dory. Don’t you? But don’t worry — we won’t tell anyone. 
Book your tickets now to see Finding Dory before everyone else does, all the while getting the VIP treatment at the star-studded premiere and after party. 

In Short:

  • Attend the L.A premiere as a VIP
  • Kids will be thrilled
  • Adults will love the movie too, let's face it
  • Attend the star-studded after party
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager