Flying Food Safari


Sep - May



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Do You Live To Eat?

When it comes to food, there are two types of people in this world: those who eat to live and those who live to eat. The die-hard foodies, the culinary daredevils, the gourmand enthusiasts who will circle the globe in search of that elusive perfect meal. On this 7-day Fly Food Safari, you’ll travel by private charter around South Australia in search of the creme de la creme of cuisine.

Why Go On A Flying Food Safari?

Making the trip from Kangaroo Island to the Eyre Peninsula, you’ll meet celebrated chefs, try regional delicacies and follow food from the hands of fisherman and farmers to the plates of Australia's best restaurants. Along the way, you’ll dive into Australia’s food scene, learn about local ingredients and how they are incorporated into traditional plates unique to the region.

Hosted by Mark Gleeson from the Adelaide Central Market, you’ll chase your passion of food down under for a truly memorable epicurean adventure that will appease even the most sophisticated of palates. Be fair warned, it’s the ultimate trip for foodies that is sure to ensure dissatisfaction with every future meal from this point forward.

In Short:

  • Heaven for the die-hard foodie.
  • 7 days of a private charter plane around South Australia. 
  • Experience the best of the best gourmet food.
  • Meet renowned chefs, taste regional delicacies, and much more.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager