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Do I Have To Wear Tights In Sherwood Pines?

Sherwood Pines Forest, Nottinghamshire… Totally sounds like the kind of place you might bump into Robin Hood and his band of merry men, doesn’t it? But don’t get out your bright green tights just yet, guys and girls. If you’re in the forest on June 22-24, you’ll blend in much better with skinny jeans and an artfully shredded-up band t-shirt. 

The event is Forest Live, a summer music festival that takes place in — you guessed it — the forest. That makes it all the better for several reasons. Like, when Jake Bugg gets on stage to wail out tortured indie-rock anthems, they echo through the trees and sound twice as impressive.

What Else Makes Forest Live Special?

It’s also the perfect opportunity to pack a picnic and relax on the grass with friends while listening to live music. Because we all have that one friend who loves putting together a gourmet picnic spread while we just bring the beer and plastic cups. Don’t let that friend down. 

Then there’s the fact that all profits from the festival go back into looking after the forests, so by rocking out for a day or three, you'll actually be doing Mother Nature a favour. 

Besides all that, forests are just plain magical. Even if you don’t encounter any men in tights. 

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In Short:

  • Music festival with a magical forest setting
  • Awesome line-up 
  • Perfect place for a picnic 
  • Profits go to preserving the forests
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager