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Why Hop On A Ferry to Frieze Art Fair?

Here at Life of Riley, we love all forms of art, that’s why we know that in early May, Randall Park Island is the place to be for contemporary art-lovers.

So whether you consider yourself an aficionado of modern art or whether you’re newbies like us, why not take a morning or afternoon to hop on a five-minute ferry ride from East 90th Street to that island oasis in the middle of New York? We promise you won’t be disappointed as the whole island transforms into the finest place to discover the world's leading contemporary and modern galleries.

What Makes This Island Art Festival One Of The Greatest?

With the best artwork from established and emerging talents and galleries from around the globe, The Frieze Art Fair is far more than your average art fair - naturally artists will be selling their prints and designs but here you can immerse yourself in Frieze Projects and Frieze Sounds; as audio-art installations do to your ears what contemporary art does to your eyes. 
If that’s not enough to awaken the artist in you, the Frieze Talks are a series of panel discussions and lectures. It’s even a great place to stir kid’s creativity as younger audiences will be wowed by Frieze Education, a combination of workshops and tours for school groups.
There are pop-up restaurants, activities and everything you could wish for on a perfect day out, and with tickets beginning at just ten dollars, what’s not to love?

In Short:

  • Amazing contemporary art fair five minutes from central New York
  • Prints, designs, sculptures, Frieze Projects and Frieze Sounds
  • Pop-up restaurants, activities, workshops
  • Randall Park Island is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle
  • Ideal for kids and with tickets starting at just $10
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager