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Why This Game of Thrones Tour?

For six seasons a fell voice could be heard on the wind. Three whispered ominous words: “Winter is Coming” meant the dreaded White Walkers were heading south. But now winter has finally arrived it’s your chance to join this stunning Game of Thrones Tour in Ireland!

Can you imagine stepping foot into the magical world of Westeros with a visit to the famed Winterfell Castle? How about visiting The Haunted Forest where the Nightwatchmen first encountered the dreaded White Walkers?

So far, Life of Riley has helped you Party like Gatsby and Roll like a Rockefeller, so why not live like a Lannister, swing swords and stuff your face like a Stark at a medieval banquet, learn falconry, archery and get it on like Bronn!

What Makes This GoT Tour The Best In Westeros?

Just 40 minutes from lively Belfast, this tour takes you deeper down the rabbit hole than any other. I mean, where else can you retrace Hodor’s steps, walk the Road to Meereen on The Mountains of Mourne and witness the mystical mountain & grasslands used for the Horse Gate approach to the sacred Dothraki City.

From the comfort of 4x4 Range Rover, you’ll visit all the very best Game of Thrones locations in County Down - far too many to mention here, but highlights include: Robb & Talissa’s Mystical Tree, the monastic Abbey where Robb becomes ‘King in the North’ and the ancient bridge where the Starks found their Direwolf Pups.

Speaking of which, you can meet Odin and Thor, the real Direwolves from the show and you can even learn to teach them to howl at your command! Imagine that! Direwolves under your control! How cool is that?

In Short:

  • Tyrion Lannister (he won’t be there, but he’s short!)
  • Experience Westeros and Winterfell Castle
  • See dozens of Game of Thrones locations
  • Optional extras include Medieval banquet and boat tours! 
  • Plus meet an actor from the show and a Helicopter Tour!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager