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Why the Gardens of Ninfa and Castel Gandolfo Tour?

Even Popes need a place to chill out. Castle Gandolfo has traditionally been that place, and there was a time when you might have spied Pope John Paul II lounging by the pool in his favourite swimming trunks.

So what does a Papal summer residence look like? If you’re curious to know, then we have the tour for you. Meantime, we can sum it up: it’s amazing.

How Amazing?

The breezy balconies of the 17th-century palace look out over stunning formal gardens, where cool walkways wind through ancient ruins, towering cypresses, and twisting holm oaks. In springtime it comes alive with explosions of flowers.

Nearby are the romantic Gardens of Ninfa, said by some to be the most beautiful in all of Europe. The scent of roses and jasmines fill the air. Medieval ruins scatter alongside a crystal clear stream. In fact no words can do justice to the indescribable beauty of the place.

Between the two sites, this is a tour so breathtaking you’ll need an oxygen mask.

By the way, if you’re hoping to catch some Papal sunbathing action at the Gandolfo pool this summer, you’ll likely be disappointed: Pope Francis isn’t big on that kind of thing. Never mind — we dare say the rest of the views are far better anyway.

In Short:

  • Check out a Papal residence
  • Admire the 17th-century palace
  • See some of the most beautiful gardens in all of Europe
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager