Gaucho Life in Argentina


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Gaucho Life in Argentina

Choose leather. Choose calloused hands. Choose fresh food. Choose roaring fires under Starlit skies. Choose horseback over traffic. Choose no social media chats. Choose no queues. Choose rolling hills and rugged living.

Although you might not spot any trains on this trip, you most probably will spot a condor as it swirls on invisible thermals above the plains of Patagonia, while you sit low in your saddle with your fellow Gauchos. Experience the daily lifestyles of these modern, true South American cowboys when you join a multi-day horseback expedition to the dormant volcanic region of Cerro Negro.

Two Weeks in the Wild

Patagonia is one of the last remaining authentic wilderness areas in the world. It’s raw, it’s beautiful and it’s not for everybody. Only those, like you, with the call of the wild reverberating in your soul. Follow those wild desires and experience the awesome snowy peaks, glorious vistas and the chilling glaciers of a land stripped of excess and laid bare. This is nature exposed and real. Visitors are changed when they spend time in its magnificence.

When you choose this journey you’ll get to ride a horse through one of nature’s most awesome playgrounds. Muck in on an actual self-sufficient ‘estancias’ – lush farmsteads nestled amongst the rolling hills. Develop your horsemanship skills and even learn how to work at the forge, the sawmill or the leather workshop. This is real living amongst true salt-of-the-earth people. 

In Short:

  • A real-life rugged cowboy adventure
  • Experience and embrace the world of the Gauchos
  • Enjoy being self-sufficient in one of the most beautiful locations on earth
  • Discover what it truly means to ‘choose life’
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager