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Geneva International Motor Show

The Geneva International Motor Show is perfectly Swiss. It’s not just that you can expect everything to run like clockwork. Any exhibition or international car show around the world can do that. But the Swiss will do it in such a way that you will almost be able to hear the finely tuned, hand-crafted ticking of incredibly small, interlinking cogs that make this car show an experience unlike any other. In fact, you’d be cuckoo to miss it!

Watch This Space

While we’re in a world of clocks and cars, we should mention a very special exhibition. Ticking over into its fourth consecutive year, TAG Heuer will be presenting a unique showcase of classic cars and timeless timepieces, including a re-issue of the legendary Monaco watch, with the now infamous square blue dial. For those who watch out for this sort of thing, they would have seen Steve McQueen wearing the original during the filming of Le Mans, back in 1971.

Just like with impeccable Swiss timing, the numbers tell a very efficient story. So, from the 180 exhibitors to the tantalising treat of the number 1 viewing of a very special vehicular premiere, to the allure of the top-rated energy-efficient cars that hint at the future of the automobile industry. The numbers do not lie. The Geneva Motor Show is a prime example of Swiss brilliance.

In Short:

  • The 88th display of the world’s best cars in one of the world’s best cities
  • Almost 900 cars, global brands, multiple designers and countless accessory suppliers
  • The show that is sweeter than chocolate and as innovative as a pocket knife
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager