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Georgia, Europe's Latest Culinary Destination. 

Of all the places on earth to go traverse wine country; you might wonder why anyone would venture to Georgia? Before you flip to the next event, know that we’re not talking about the state of Georgia, we’re talking about the country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia. While most epicurean minded travellers will flock to Italy or France, Georgia is a rising destination for the culinary curious to travel to.

Georgia is in the midst of a culinary and cultural renaissance as more and more travellers venture to this under-the-radar destination overflowing with good wine and hospitality.

Why This Georgia Winery Epicurean Adventure?

In the company of local MIR hosts, on this 12-day tour, you’ll discover the history and living traditions of this ancient country through its chefs, winemakers, artisans and musicians. Starting in Tbilisi, you and a group of fellow foodies will prepare a multi-course gourmet meal alongside a celebrated chef, sample natural wines made by monks, dive into local food and cultural traditions and walk away wondering how the rest of the world hasn’t become savvy to Georgia’s food scene yet.

In Short:

  • Experience a lesser-known gem of Europe.
  • 12 days of culinary delights.
  • Gourmet meals, delicious wines and historical traditions.
  • Get onto it before everyone else does!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager