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Who You Gonna Call?

Yes or no: you have, at least once in your lifetime, strapped a vacuum cleaner to your back and wrestled with the nozzle while in battle with an imaginary ghost? If you said “yes”, we’re guessing you lived through the ‘80s. You’ve been haunted by nightmares of giant marshmallow men in sailor caps. The one true answer to “Who you gonna call?” blurts out of your mouth by reflex. 

And if you haven’t had the Ghostbusters franchise in your life yet, well, it’s high time you did. Because you’re missing out.

Here’s your chance. The beloved film series has finally gotten a long-overdue reboot, and this time the slick ghost-busting team of parapsychologists are a kick-ass bunch of girls.

Why Attend The Ghostbusters 3 Premiere and After Party?

There’s nothing like being the first one to see a new flick before everyone else does, so here’s your chance to attend the L.A premiere and after party like the VIP that you are! You even have the option to grace the red carpet alongside your favourite stars (Chris Hemsworth, anyone?) There’s not a ghost of a chance that you’ll go home disappointed.

Enough said: get your tickets at the link, your best outfit on, and your vacuum cleaner ready for action. There’s something strange (and seriously awesome) happening in this neighborhood.

In Short:

  • Everyone's favourite team of parapsychologists is back... Only this time they're girls.
  • Fans of the original films need to see it. Those who never even saw the original films need to see it.
  • Watch it before everyone else does.
  • Exclusivity, red carpet glamour, star-studded after party.
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager