Gobi Trek


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Why embark on a Gobi Trek?

Travel back in time and explore the Gobi’s vast sand dunes, stand in awe of the dramatic Flaming Cliffs, bathe in secret mountain springs and decipher prehistoric rock paintings.

From Silk Road traders and archaeologists to Mongolian nomads and holy men, everyone who has ever traversed this arid land carries with them tales of its mystery, the likes of which no other desert on earth possesses.

The world’s most mysterious desert.

700 years ago, Marco Polo wrote of the Gobi:

“when a man is riding through this desert by night he hears spirit voices calling him by name. Often these voices lure him away from the path…”

Perhaps it was the Gobi spirits who guided legendary adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews to the world’s first discovery of dinosaur eggs back in 1923. Now, we don’t recommend you go running around looking for undiscovered dinosaur fossils, but you can blame your snoring on desert ghosts as you camp under the stars!

When you come to visit the families who live and raise their herds in this vast desert they will smile knowingly as you regale them with your experiences in this alluring land. They won’t however, buy your excuse about snoring spirits!

In short:

  • Explore the Gobi desert as Marco Polo did 700 years ago.
  • Travel by camel and sleep under the stars.
  • Learn about mysterious Gobi folklore.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager