Golden Chariot Indian Train Journey


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Why the Golden Chariot Indian Train Journey?

Veiled in Imperial purple and gold, purring contentedly in the hot station while all around her unruly crowds swarm; this is the Golden Chariot, your ticket to Karnataka.

As is the custom with refined Life of Riley rail travel, every little detail is arranged for your comfort and wonderment. We figured the best way for you to experience this southern Indian state with its powerful dynastic legacies, colourful religions, vibrant national parks, intricate palaces and ancient temples is a majestic five-star hotel on wheels!

A Taste of Indian Royal Luxury.

The sensory overload of sights, sounds, smells and ancient customs are perfectly balanced with the extraordinary comfort and privacy of your hand-upholstered private cabin, which comes complete with loyal butler and silver service dining. It’s a taster of what Indian Royalty call everyday life! On cultural

On cultural excursions, you will encounter elephants and leopards in the wild, gurus and holy men, spice merchants and curious characters on Goa’s palm-fringed tropical beaches. A journey on the Golden Chariot epitomises the whole spectrum of elegance and madness that exists on the Indian subcontinent and you can reflect on it each night while Jeeves serves you sweet masala chai on a silver platter!

In Short:

  • Royal Luxury rail travel across southern India.
  • Private fully serviced cabins.
  • Brace your senses for overload!  
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager