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Why Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia?

To witness the Golden Eagle Festival, this expedition takes you deep into the rugged Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, a place where the most majestic bird of prey is considered man’s best friend. 

Believe it or not, there are parts of the world where the internet doesn’t reign supreme and Bayan-Ulgii is one such place. Out here, hardy nomadic families who inhabit the unforgiving landscape survive by practising ancient hunter-gatherer skills, such as training eagles to hunt with and for them. And boy do they execute a hunt with style. 

The journey to the festival begins in the city of Ulaanbaatar, where you’ll be guided through ancient mosques, local markets and museums. When you begin to understand life on the steppe you'll never again complain that your Uber Eats is 5 minutes late!

Wild Horses and Golden Eagles: The Natural World in HD.

The Golden Eagle Festival draws Kazakh hunters from hundreds of miles away to honour the sacred Berkut, as the birds are knownHighly respected competitions showcase the astonishing hunting prowess of the Eagles and the way the hunters have harnessed their trust. After the intense display of man-eagle coordinated airstrikes, things loosen up with colourful parades, celebratory feasts and a traditional Kazakh play. 

At The Life of Riley, we’re all about immersive adventures and think it’d be a shame if you went all that way as a mere spectator. Now, this does not mean you get to toy with the birdies or try to lasso the world’s last truly wild horses, which you will find roaming free along your journey. You are however, invited to ride tame(er) horses bareback alongside the hunters; to feel the raw, primal adrenaline rush of living so closely with the natural world. Just so we’re clear, ‘bareback’ doesn’t mean you have to strip off and speaking of raw, you might want to wear some padded undies!

In Short:

  • 18th annual Golden Eagle Festival in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia.
  • All proceeds from ticket sales benefit the local people and the continuation of the festival.
  • One of the most far out experiences a traveller can have, geographically and culturally speaking. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager