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Why The Golden Globes After Party?

In a nutshell, the Golden Globes After Party is amongst the most glamorous, star-studded events in the universe.

I mean, would you rather find yourself seated at a table politely clapping Jimmy Fallon’s jokes or would you prefer to be where the action is and party the night away at a 90210-style extravaganza at the Beverly Hills Hilton?

You see at Life of Riley, we don’t want to bring you just another night to remember - we want to bring you an unforgettable, high-octane, Hollywood explosive night full of champagne and revelry. And that means you’re never sure which of Tinseltown’s brightest stars you might run into on the staggering 32,000 square feet of plush red carpet!

What’s So Special About These After Show Parties?

Well, for starters - these parties don’t just take place after the Golden Globes - before, during and after the awards ceremony, all of the famous Wilshire Boulevard venue’s ballrooms are transformed into after-party venues as HBO, AMC, Fox, Warner Brother and Sony Pictures others host their biggest parties of the season.

There’s definitely something for everyone - if you find the demure HBO and AMC parties too relaxed for your tastes, you can mosey on down to the Warner Brothers for the wildest atmosphere on offer! Honestly, this ain’t WB’s first Rodeo (Drive) and their famed for the most raucous party on the block.

Around one corner you might find Leo DiCaprio, Zooey Deschanel or Kim Kardashian, behind another you may find yourself getting up close and personal with Harrison Ford or Madonna!

In Short:

  • Rub shoulders with the stars of the silver and small screen
  • Travel to the City of Angel and visit the famous Beverly Hilton Hotel
  • Party the night away at one of dozens of after-show parties
  • Become a VIP amongst Hollywood’s elite
  • Live the Life of Riley you always imagined!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager