Governor's Ball New York


May - Jun


United States of America

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Why The Governor's Ball New York?

What (probably) started out as a bunch of stuffy politicians and the upper echelons of New York society meeting at the bandstand for cucumber sandwiches has turned into one of America’s finest music festivals. I mean, not only does this event have a music line-up, it also has a food line-up! Just Wow! 
Taking place in early June at Randall’s Park Island, New York, this year’s acts include Jack White, Travis Scott and Eminem. 

What makes The Governor's Ball so finger lickin' good?

While your feet are stomping, your teeth will be chomping on quintessential quarter pounders from Black Tap, brilliant Buffalo Wings from Dan & John’s, luscious Lobster Rolls from Luke’s and moorish Mexican meals from Tacombi. 
So whether you’re a punk, a rocker, a punk rocker with flowers in your hair, an emo, a hipster, an East Side O.G. gangsta, The Governor’s Ball is heaven for musos and foodies alike! Tickets are selling fast but here are plenty of packages available...
I don’t know which is watering more, my ears or my mouth! For full music and food line-ups, click the link.

In short:

  • Heaven for musos and foodies alike
  • Randall’s Park Island makes a great location minutes from Central New York
  • Incredible, rhymedible food! 
  • All musical and food tastes catered for!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager