Grand Sumo Tournament

Mar 11, 2018 To Mar 25, 2018


What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Hits An Immovable Object? The 2018 Grand Sumo Tournament!

Beginning over three hundred years before WWE, Sumo is the ancient Japanese art of wrestling and features none of the play-acting or soap opera storylines. There’s even a saying in Japan -  “Ultimate Cage Fighting is for girls - Real men wear nappies.”

Each year the best wrestlers travel the length and breadth of Japan to showcase their mad skills and fight to become top of the proverbial pile. We’ve teamed up with The Japan Sumo Association for your chance to see grown men (men with their hair tied in buns) knocking seven bells out of each other in the ultimate test of strength versus speed.

When And Where Does The Sumo Tour Star?

The tour begins in Gifu and travels through Tamura, Fukushima, Osaki and Sapporo before landing in Tokyo  for the Grand Final or senshuraku, which translates as ""the pleasure of a thousand autumns""

Since we’ve taught you a few Japanese words, here’s an English football fan’s phrase to shout at the tournament… ""Margorobee"" - that’s Japanese for “Who ate all the pies?”

You don’t need to speak Japanese to book tickets, it’s all explained step by step in English after the jump…

In Short:

  • Ancient Japanese shogun's martial art
  • Follow the tour across Japan or attend for one day
  • Not all Sumo fighters are big - the ultimate test of strength v speed
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager