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Why Green Gathering?

We don't do 'ordinary' at the Life of Riley, which is why we love Green Gathering: “a festival beyond hedonism, powered by Wind, Sun and People”.

It was recently nominated for The Best Family Festival and it’s easy to see why…

Unlike most other festivals, Green Gathering focuses on environmental and social justice and includes workshops and talks on permaculture, politics, ecology and crafts. The rootsy feel of the festival grew out of the Green Fields area of the Glastonbury Festival and its location in rural Chepstow, near the Welsh border, is both ideal and idyllic.  

People of The Revolution...

This more than just live music, Green Gathering is ripe with comedians, spoken word poets, magicians and mystics, handicrafts, permaculture workshops, tipi camps, environmental campaigns and spiritual healing. Plus kids under 11 go for free- a great way to get the leaders of tomorrow on board the Green Gathering revolution!

Musical highlights last year included Neck, Stick in the Wheel, Hoopy Frood, One Eyed God, Rosie Swayne, The Antipoet, Indian Man and a sack full of other suitably earthy and unorthodox acts that you might not have heard of yet but that's because Green Gathering is a land of anti-pop culture, anti-establishment voices rising from the soil they so passionately protect.

Turn on, tune in, drop out, party, then “wake up the next morning and put the world to rights with your new mates from the night before!” 

In short:

  • Inspiring, magical four day festival in the heart of England’s West Country
  • Green Gathering is left of leftfield, in a beautiful field, left untarnished by the modern world! 
  • Off-the-wall bands, poets and mystical practices that generic festivals would never showcase!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager