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Why The Havana Jazz Festival?

This is a deep exploration of Cuban music, triple-distilled.

During the Havana Jazz Festival, you'll hear mystical rumba and wailing trumpets in smoky rum-soaked cafes, fly past pulsating Afro-Cuban beats on the street in your vintage convertible and witness impassioned salsa and dizzying Latin jazz in legendary concert halls.

For anyone with an interest in the story of Cuban music, a trip to the Havana Jazz Festival is a lifetime achievement in itself but to understand what makes Cuba 'Cuba', this immersive VIP tour will take you out of the city and beyond the stage, to the tobacco farmers, the poets and historians; the roots of Cuban music.

This calibre of intimate tour is impossible to find anywhere else in the world, unless as a child you accompanied your grandpa to his Sunday jam sessions at the Buena Vista Social Club! 

Up Close And Personal.

Our man in Havana will indulge you with lavish hotels, VIP seating at headline shows, artist meet-and-greets, private performances, a behind the scene recording studio experience, historical tours of Cuban architecture and a journey through Hemingway’s estate. We’ll raise a frozen double daiquiri to that!   

Headliners this December include five-time Grammy winner Chucho Valdés, New York-based improv crew Snarky Puppy who you will meet in person and infamous Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca.

Remember, keep a keen ear open for impromptu street performances that spring up day and night because these are the priceless, golden moments that epitomise Cuba’s musical identity.

In Short:

  • 6 VIP Days and 5 VIP Nights.
  • All-inclusive, expertly guided Havana Jazz Festival experience.
  • Full spectrum Cuba: from backstage VIP shows to the wide open Cuban countryside.
  • Dine, drink and dance like Papa Hemingway himself! 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager