Heidi Klum Halloween Party


Oct - Nov


United States of America

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Heidi Klum, the Halloween Queen.

While every other supermodel is donning a skimpy male fantasy outfit that only dubiously bears any relevance to Halloween, Heidi Klum is in her chamber dreaming up the most horrifying costume you’ve ever seen.

Probably one that involves prosthetics and body paint and an entire team of staff working around the clock to make her look so unlike herself you’re left wondering if she actually just sent someone else to go host her party while she stayed at home in her pyjamas drinking wine and feeling smug.

But then you realise it must be Klum under there because, well, those legs. You can’t fake those.

So why head to the Heidi Klum Halloween Party?

Aside from getting to see Klum’s latest incredible costume in person?

Let’s see, there’s also the incredible guest list of celebrities, models and big name entertainers (all dressed in their most extravagant costumes, of course). Then there’s just the general awesomeness of getting to attend the Halloween Party of the year.

Because there’s only one thing better than hanging out with Heidi Klum, and that’s making everyone you know green with envy.

In short:

  • Attend the Halloween Party of the year
  • See Heidi Klum's latest jaw-dropping costume - find out why they call her the Queen of Halloween!
  • Party with a killer guest list of celebrities and models
  • Make all you friends green with envy
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager