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Why mess about on the river at Henley Regatta?

If the first sign of spring is the cuckoo’s call, we know summer is well and truly underway when Henley Regatta is in full effect. For, when the Pimms and lemonade are flowing as fast as the Thames, it’s the perfect time for messing about on the river...

The five-day Royal Regatta is not only the most prestigious gathering of rowers, riverboats and people named Henry and Henrietta, it’s also one of the most important social events on the calendar and now, with Team Tactics’ impressive array of packages, you can enjoy the festivities without getting wet! 

What makes Henley the best regatta in the world?

Set in the heart of the action, The Temple Island Enclosure is the ideal spot to enjoy see the Olympic rowers without missing any of the garden party ambience - unlimited champers and Great British Cocktails will be at hand throughout, as will exquisite cuisine created by award-winning caterers. And, if you’re determined to get in on the action, you can even charter a boat for that ultimate VIP feeling, but remember Henley’s dress code! 

Whether you’re a group of family and friends, alone or on a team-building office party, make sure you click the link to join Henry and Henrietta at Henley Regatta... though with all those champagne bottles popping, we can’t promise you won’t get wet! 

In short:

  • 5-day Royal Regatta on the famous River Thames
  • The most prestigious gathering of rowers, riverboats
  • One of England's most important social events 
  • Team Tactics have an impressive array of packages to suit all
  • Garden party ambience; unlimited champers and Great British Cocktails!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager