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The HERO Winter Challenge

Despite the name, The HERO Winter Challenge isn’t a Game of Thrones spin-off series - Winter isn’t coming - it’s already here because this thousand mile classic car rally from Northern France to the Mediterranean, via The Alps, is where true heroes are born.

So pack your duffle coats, flying jackets, thermos flasks, snow chains, tow ropes, fog lights and harness that shovel to the roof because you’ll soon be climbing ice covered passes, encountering the harshest conditions imaginable and driving on the trickiest surfaces possible.

You, your beloved… pre 1986 car (and your partner!) will set off from the picturesque seaside town of Le Touquet just south of Boulogne for the first of a five-day marathon that takes in the classic French walled city of Beaune, the Jura Mountains, the Rhone Valley, Alpine climbs, before arriving in Monte Carlo!

We could be HEROES, just for five days

As well as the promise of four days of tricky mountain driving and a hazardous night section, upon arrival in Monaco, you’ll attend the lavish Awards Presentation dinner at the Café Du Paris Monte Carlo for a chance to let your hair down with the other rally drivers.

The entry price means you’ll be treated like winners with a welcome dinner, fine twin rooms with dinner, bed & breakfast, lunches, refreshment stops for all legs of the race and mechanical assistance should you break down!

Dare you take on the ice and snow covered mountain passes of The HERO Winter Challenge, the most authentic winter adventure of them all?

Or do you prefer your heroes like Jon Snow to be on TV?

In Short:

  • 1,000-mile, 5-day classic car rally
  • Race from Northern France to Monte Carlo!
  • Treacherous, snow-covered Alpine roads
  • Dare you accept the HERO Winter Challenge?
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager