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Why The Hide and Seek World Championship?

Are you mad? The question should be “What’s stopping me from changing my name to Gladiator Seekius Maxiumus and winning The Hide and Seek World Championship?”

I mean, if you were putting together the world’s biggest game of Fox and Hounds, where would you host it? How about, just off the top of my head, an abandoned town featuring a minaret, Chinese pagoda, medieval castle, dance hall and motel in the “smallest and most beautiful country in the world?”

Well, guess what! We’ve found it! In the 1960’s the town of Consonno was the Las Vegas of Italy; until it was levelled by a landslide. Today it’s a ghost town making it the ideal place for you to compete against 80 other brave teams for the coveted Golden Fig Leaf.

While you will be competing against bronzed, modern-day Roman warriors, the event is more of an invitation to return to playing with unabashed and carefree abandon…

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

If that’s not what you’re seeking from life, the weekend festivities also include the Museek Festival featuring rock and acoustic bands and electronic DJs. Plus, scattered around the ghost town and surrounding Fields of Elysium* you’ll find free, hidden concerts. Honestly - there are concerts in the fields.

A plethora of street food trucks and beers from L’Imboscata (The Forest Hideaway - home to a selection of the best craft breweries in Italy) will be on hand to keep up your energy.

There's camping, but no glamping - Gladiators don't glamp! The “Wild and Seek” camping area is next to The main Playing Field; a beautiful, sprawling 65,000m square terraced valley overlooks the surrounding plains of Lecco province.

Seriously, folks, this event looks to be one of the most fun events we've ever brought you. Check out the video by clicking the button to see what fun you’re letting yourself in for!

In short:

  • Travel to Consonno in beautiful northern Italy
  • Become a Hide & Seek Gladiator
  • Compete against 80 other teams for the Golden Fig leaf
  • Museek festival, street food trucks and craft beer!
  • Camping included in The Hide and Seek World Championship entry fee

  • *Gladiator afterlife not included
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager