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Why choose a High Altitude Balloon Ride?

So many tours, holidays and experiences describe themselves as out-of-this-world but we think we’ve finally found the one that delivers on those highfalutin' promises. 

If you look up at the stars at think how damned significant you are, you’re probably the kinda guy that has the odd half million dollars lying around to spend on a balloon flight to the edge of space and you deserve your unbridled self-esteem.

But we guarantee seeing the blue-green earth we mere mortals call ""home"" from the edge of the stratosphere is sure to both humble and bring you down a peg or two… to the level of, let’s say a Bond Villain! 

Is it really life-changing? 

When does my astronaut training start? There's very little training necessary! 

Departing from your choice of location, Bloon is a zero-emission near-space vehicle that relies on a large ‘sail’ filled with static helium gas capable of lifting its capsule 22 miles into the earth’s atmosphere. Bloon’s ascent is gentle, has zero impact on the environment, and is entirely noiseless so you can enjoy what astronauts describe as ""life-changing"" views of the earth's curved horizon and the unending blackness of space. 

They might not be able to spell “balloon” but their science and engineering wizardry really, honestly will take you out-of-this-world! Bloon also offers other, more affordable balloon trips, so click (up, up and) away!

In short:

  • Travel 22 miles into the earth’s atmosphere - that's the EDGE OF SPACE
  • Choose your location - Bloon comes to you! 
  • Forget your carbon footprint; zero-emission near-space vehicle
  • ""Life-changing"" views of the earth's curved horizon & the unending blackness of space
  • Truly an out-of-this-world adventure
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager