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Are you brave enough to Hike Nyiragongo Volcano?

Belinda Carlisle famously sang "Heaven is a place on Earth" and Virunga National Park may be proof positive as it is a veritable Garden of Eden. Yet like all things that sound too good to be true, nearby lies a far darker truth. A mythological crossroads where the ordinary world and the magical afterlife collide in fire and brimstone; where Heaven and Hell exist side-by-side. So we'll ask again... Are you brave enough to Hike Nyiragongo Volcano?

If the answer is a resounding "Hell, Yeah!" then prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime! You'll fly to Kigali in Rwanda, cross into Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to climb Africa's most active volcano and stand atop the world’s largest lava lake.  But, to collect your reward there's a catch - like in all the best Heroes' Journeys. Just as Hades is protected by Cerberus, the three-headed dog (you knew that, didn't you?), the inner beauty of Nyiragongo Volcano is protected from lesser mortals by a 4-6 hour hike to the top.

So, are you in?

I'm in! What's The Plan?

From Kigali, you'll drive through the "Land of a Thousand Hills", luncheoning on the shores of Lake Kivu, before crossing into the DR Congo's Virunga National Park where blue monkeys and half of all sub-Saharan biodiversity can be found. As the giant jaffa orange African sun dips below the horizon, you'll unwind with a superb view of Mount Mikeno. After dinner, you'll retreat to your private cottage and roaring fire as you prepare to hike Mount Nyiragongo!

Early the next morning, your odyssey begins. After that 4-6 hour climb, you'll be greeted by the lava-filled crater and the entrance to Hell! Of course, the true spectacle arrives only when the sun sets and the lava lake lights up red and orange as it belches forth molten rock from the underworld and you’ll have several hours to marvel at nature's power before retiring to your hut and thermal tents. After sleeping on this volcano Hellscape, you'll clamber down the loose scree and be driven to the shores of Lake Kivu to relax for the night and come to terms with your new-found heroism!

On your last day, you can explore the lake by boat or travel back to Kigali for a city tour. After lunch, it's back to Kigali for your flight home whereupon you shall instruct your friends to address you as "Nyiragongo the Lava God; Conqueror of Hellish volcanoes"

In short:

  • Four-day trip-of-a-lifetime to Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo
  • Visit the "Land of a Thousand Hills" and Virunga National Park
  • Climb a volcano and camp at the entrance to Hell!
  • Become a living legend as you hike Nyiragongo Volcano!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager