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Where Can One Truly Escape The Daily Grind? Hillburi Mountain Escape.

Well, imagine picking up a remote control and pressing the mute button on all noise that reverberates inside your brain - the construction drills, the blaring traffic horns, the ambulance sirens and the boss’s angry demands.

Now hit that “sliding into a hot bath” button and you’ve found what it feels like to stay at the Hillburi Mountain Escape.

Nestled perfectly in the spectacular Akwapim mountain range in Ghana, the resort is a forty-five-minute drive from the capital Accra meaning it’s the ideal location for a holiday, corporate events, private gatherings and weddings.

Tell Me More About This Slice Of Heaven...

This is a rural paradise where you, your friends and family or colleagues can relax, unwind, enjoy wonderful food and take in the beautiful scenic setting as breathtaking views over the evergreen plains and surrounding mountains that await you. 

As well as the fully air-conditioned H-Bar Lounge and restaurant, there’s the outdoor Pavilion bar and a host of activities to enjoy. Go for a swim or take it easy by the pool, play badminton or lawn croquet or feel happy just to walk around the beautifully maintained gardens or just simply chillax in the cool breeze from the surrounding valley.

In Short:

  • Hillburi Mountain Escape - less ARRRRGH and more Ahhhhhhh!
  • Location in The Akwapim mountain range in Ghana
  • Breathtaking views over evergreen plains and hills
  • Ideal location for a holiday, corporate events, private gatherings and weddings.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager