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Vienna: Is There A Better Place For A New Year's Ball?

Vienna is famous for two things: hosting real-life fairytale balls, and schnitzel. 

We agree that tucking into a big juicy Wiener Schnitzel is never a bad idea, but there's at least one day of the year when you'll want to opt for the fairytale ball: and that day is New Year's Eve.

What Is The Hofburg Silvester New Year's Ball?

Inside the grandiose Hofburg Palace, you can drink and dance the night away. But unlike other New Year's events, you'll do it in absolute style, under sweeping ceilings and glittering chandeliers, amongst a sea of beautiful debutantes, after a gourmet four-course gala dinner. 

You'll get decked out in your finest (the dress code is in line with Austrian ball tradition, after all!) - ball gowns for the ladies and tail coats for the men - while being entertained by orchestras, ballet dancers, soloists from the Viennese Opera and traditional dances. And once you've had your fill of waltzes and foxtrots, slide over to the Chill Out Lounge to enjoy a live DJ late into the night.

Elegant, glamorous and filled with high-quality entertainment, this is an evening you'll long remember. And by the way - while you're in Vienna you'll have plenty of time to get in a schnitzel or two for dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Hey, we won't judge.

In Short:

  • Experience a traditional Viennese style ball on New Year's Eve
  • Four-course gala dinner with fine wines and French champagne
  • Incredible entertainment including performances by orchestras, ballet dancers and soloists from the Viennese Opera
  • An excuse to dress up in your fairytale finest and usher in the New Year in absolute elegance 
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