Hong Kong Arts Festival


Feb - Mar


Hong Kong

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Why The Hong Kong Arts Festival?

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is proof that in this day and age the world of performing arts is no longer reserved for the conservative upper middle class. It welcomes, showcases and applauds contemporary visionaries who push the idea of high culture into new and unorthodox realms. 

Sure, Shakespeare performed by watershed-friendly-British-council-endorsed theatre troupes will always be on the bill of an international arts festival, along with goosebump-inducing European operatics and ballet. However, the HKAF is like a plate of oysters Kilpatrick; a daring twist on a pompous acquired taste! 

Chalk and Cheese Never Tasted So Good!

The festival curators listened long and hard to critics who once demanded a more mixed bill and as a result you’ll now see a lot more in the way of North American theatre, modern interpretations of classic opera and ballet and musical performances hell-bent on throwing the stuffy old rule book out the window, like the predictably unpredictable Philip Glass. 

Hong Kong is a hoot at any time of year, with it’s exciting convergence of bustling ultra modern commercialism and ancient Chinese traditions but the HKAF is a chance to witness what the guidebook can’t tell you in advance. Go on, splash some tabasco on those cold oysters! 

In Short:

  • HKAF showcases classical music, world music, Western Opera, drama and dance. 
  • Feb and March best time to visit the buzzing 'World City'.
  • A non-profit organisation.  
  • Advance booking discounts.


Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager