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Step Back In Time To La Belle Epoque.

If you could step back in time to any era, wouldn't it be magical to experience France around the time of La Belle Epoque or “The Beautiful Era?” Back when the Moulin Rouge wasn’t a gaudy tourist trap, cabaret was a trend and the cache of Paris’ Maxime restaurant attracted the rich and fabulous. Back when chateaux were more than mere attractions but lavish homes for the wealthy to live in.

Your French Chateau Is Waiting.

The fantasy is not too far beyond reach as you can spend the night at Hotel de la Cite, a fairytale-esq chateau in France’s Loire Valley. The chateau is home to a whopping 14 suites, 10 private bathrooms, meticulously designed gardens and even an apartment. The maximum number of people to be accommodated is 26, so you can comfortably bring along your family and entourage should you please.

Assuming you can find your way around the massive grounds to the exit, the chateau is less than two hours outside Paris, so step back in time, live as though you’re French royalty and prepare to never be satisfied with your apartment back home again.

In Short:

  • Feel like you've stepped back in time
  • Fairytale French chateau
  • Room for your family and/or entourage with accommodation for 26 people
  • Beautiful suites, private bathrooms and stunning gardens 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager