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Why a Norwegian Ice Music Festival?

Have you ever heard the amazing acoustics inside an igloo? Probably not, unless you’ve stumbled across an Inuit jam session on your travels! 

Live music in a theatre or a field is tepid compared to the crisp notes of a hand-carved icehorn as you huddle like penguins under a gleaming full moon. And there’s no more sincere a way to pay homage to our most precious resource than the lilting sound of an ice harp, or the tinkling of an ice xylophone, or your chattering teeth because you didn’t pack enough layers- wrap up or you’ll be drafted as a session percussionist! 

Don’t go waving your lighter during the encore! 

In February, the idyllic mountain town of Geilo in Norway hosts this unique festival that puts other eco-friendly gigs and your snowman building skills to shame. It’s the world’s only music festival where all the instruments are created by hand from local natural ice. Why? Well, as any discerning muso who hangs out in -20C knows, artificial ice sounds all wrong! 

The venues and instruments are painstakingly chipped, sawn, carved and hauled by a team of dedicated volunteers who are followed by a fascinating line-up ranging from traditional Finnish folk songs to the sounds of Lapland, acoustic ice-guitar sets, the world’s first ever blast on an ice sax by Polish Grzech Piotrowski and an as yet unrevealed theme by American master ice sculptor Bill Covitz. 

This is something of a time-critical event because soon enough everything from the instruments and stages to your ice cups will return to nature...

In short:

  • 4 days of music played solely on pure hand-carved ice instruments.
  • Surrounded by some of Norway’s most wild and unspoilt nature.
  • Note: we cannot guarantee a Norwegian rendition of “Ice, Ice Baby” but you’re welcome to ask!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager