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Why Do An Iceland & Greenland Photography Tour?

If you travel without taking good photos, did you actually ever leave? In today’s social media-obsessed culture it seems trips are measured in the number of Instagram snapshots and likes received once we’re back home. Rather than wrestle with the task of snapping the elusive “perfect photo” why not go travel with professional photographers who can teach you the Jedi ways of taking pictures that put everyone else’s to shame.

More Incredible Landscapes Than You Can Poke A Lens At. 

East Greenland and Iceland are celebrated for their breathtaking landscapes and dramatic views--from volcanic pillars to ancient geysers to defining icebergs. On this Iceland & Greenland Photography Trek, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the most coveted places both in East Greenland and the Southern Coast of Iceland to fine-tune your photography and walk away with some killer photos.

The 10-day tour takes place in August and is led by an accomplished photographer on hand to help you with your camera skills. Picture Icelandic horse farms, natural springs, towering glaciers, Inuit villages and you’ll start to get a sense of the envy-worth shots that will soon grace your social media.

In Short:

  • A 10-day tour of East Greenland and Iceland
  • Travel with professional photographers and fine tune your photography skills
  • Breathtaking landscapes and dramatic views
  • Unbeatable photo opportunities (that your social media will hardly be able to keep up with!)
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager