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Who's coming to Igloofest?

Despite its chilled name, Igloofest is one of the hottest events and one of the most loved in Canada, eh!

For when the Canadians do things, they do things right - from Maple Syrup and Molson to Evangeline Lily and Beaver. So when it comes to Dance Music Festivals, Igloofest is comparable to… to… well - tell the truth there’s nothing else like it in the world!

Igloofest is a monster celebration of the very best in EDM which attracts DJ’s, artists and happy, smiling fans from the four corners of the globe.

And the best thing is, this year, you get to dance under the stars at a killer venue at Montreal’s Old Port as Igloofest runs across three weekends, with 9 regular nights and winter activities to celebrate Les Hivernales.

What makes Igloofest shine so bright?

Set against a backdrop of icy decor and giant steel structures and powerful architectural projections, the old port is transformed into a giant playground.

Whatever your musical cup of tea, there’s something on offer for everyone! Kiddy Smile kicks off proceedings on the first weekend and he’ll be followed by Frankie Teardrop. Weekend Two sees DJ's Nghtmre and the W4rriors joined by Xtine whie Weekend 3 brings Sasha and Jon Digweed, Vnce Carter and Just B to rock Montreal on the closing night!

But one of the most enjoyable elements of Igloofest and what sets it apart from other festivals is its one-of-a-kind winterwear competition named ""Iglooswag”

In Short:

  • Dozens of the world’s greatest EDM DJ’s and artists
  • Thousands of fellow revellers!
  • Win prizes in the Iglooswag competition
  • The most fun you can have in a onesie!


Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager