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Get Masked Up For The Illuminati Ball. 

Illuminati? More like Illuminaughty. Ok, forgive us for that one... but when we see the words "open bar all night long" we get just a little bit excited.  

And those magic words apply to the Illuminati Ball — one of the most mysterious, alluring, and racy events to appear on the New York calendar this New Year's Eve. 

So what is it? Nutshell version: a "surreal immersive masquerade ball" for one thousand carefully chosen guests. 

Intrigued yet? 

Yes! I'm Intrigued. Tell Me More!

Well, it's the kind of event that you really have to experience to understand. Activities on the program include things like slipping your hand into a curtained breast box and milking a horned maiden, or leaping into a bank vault filled with billions of dollars. 

Huh..?! No, we're not making that up. Click through the link and you'll find out what else is in store. 

Naturally, you'll get to dress up and mask up. After you're initiated into the madness (we can't tell you what initiation entails — hey, we're sworn to secrecy) you WILL experience a night like no other. That much we can reveal. 

So if this is the New World Order? Count us in!

In Short:

  • A surreal immersive masquerade ball 
  • Open bar all night
  • Illuminati-themed activities that are more weird, wonderful and entertaining than we can even describe 
  • Risqué rituals, dances, aerial and fire performances that will blow your mind
  • Did we mention open bar all night?


Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager