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Why this India motorcycle tour?

What do the words ‘Royal Enfield Bullet’, ‘Northern India’ and ‘motorcycle tour’ make you feel? Most likely a quickening of the heart, sweaty palms and a Himalayan wind on your sun-kissed face!

As you roll into the incredible Spiti valley at over 10,000ft you are entering a world where most tourists to India rarely go.

It's a sprawling and unforgiving terrain that hugs the Tibetan border and is, therefore a fascinating blend of both Indian and Tibetan cultures. You will meet hardy locals who eke out a living in this raw environment and visit ancient Buddhist monasteries that cling to crumbling mountainsides.

Each day the elements present a new challenge.

Unleashing your inner Steve McQueen and Charlie Boorman is the business of Blazing Trails who've been exploring this lesser visited zone since 2000. They assure us this is an adventure in every sense of the word, especially when Mother Nature is in charge of your itinerary!

The Himalayas care not for motorcyclists and their bucket list dreams so expect scenic detours, challenging terrain, changeable weather conditions and tender buttocks. The rewards? Priceless cultural insights and a huge sense of accomplishment that will last long after your first tour of Northern India finishes. Well, Blazing Trails also assure us you'll be back for more!  

In short:

  • Cross the wild Spiti Valley on a classic Royal Enfield Bullet.
  • A part of India few ever get to see.
  • It’s a terrific remedy for a midlife crisis!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager