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Inside North Korea: Through the Looking Glass

If dreams of polar expeditions and Mars colonizations keep you up at night, then this is a journey for you. Embrace the unknown and slip inside North Korea, where you can experience, first-hand, the world that ignites media frenzies and gets the propaganda machines crunching. One of the last remaining locations to withstand the wave of westernisation, this is the journey for those who seek fresh experiences and authentic cultural opportunities.

A True Mad-Hatters Tea Party

Only a few thousand international people travel to North Korea annually. This expedition is catered for a small group of intrepid explorers, who wish to head into a wonderland of curiosities that will boggle their minds. From breathtaking landscapes to local cuisine that is mouth-wateringly superb - think fresh fish, crab and barbecued duck. Ancient Buddhist temples nestled into mountainous vistas will seem almost otherworldly after the precise orderliness of Pyongyang.

Government guides will escort us throughout our North Korean inner-world adventure. Strict rules govern the taking of photographs, appropriate dress and behaviour in the cities. Power cuts and a lack of hot-water are common occurrences outside of the major areas. But these little hurdles are what makes this adventure so intriguing and appealing. You’ve heard of the Wild West? Now experience the extreme East!

In Short

  • Sample Pyongyang finest golden brew at the Taedonggang microbrewery.
  • Be taken to all the major sites in Pyongyang by an official guide
  • Camp (an almost unheard-of activity in North Korea) in the Myohyang National Park
  • After acclimatising, enjoy a 4-day trek on the east coast in the Mount Kumgang region
  • Experience a world unlike anything you have ever imagined.
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager