Into the Valley Festival


Jun - Jul



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It's The Swedest Thing.

Oh, Sweden. Where else could you find an endless torrent of cool electronic beats rising up from the mouth of a giant limestone quarry? 
The event is Into The Valley, an annual summer festival that sets the whole venue pulsing and vibrating. Said venue is called Dalhalla, an amphitheatre that sits inside a 200-foot-deep rocky crater surrounded by forest. Leave it to the Swedes to turn such a spot into a pumping party hangout. 

So What's Up With Into the Valley Festival?

For three full days Into The Valley presents a line-up of ultra cool electronic acts, both local and international. 
You might be treated to cosmic disco or acid house, dub-techno mixed with percussive grooves, or oddball Scandinavian psychedelic ambient folk-pop (we might have just made that one up. Hey, you won’t know until you get there!) The only thing you can really expect is to hear the unexpected. 
When you’re not being carried away on a roller-coaster of swelling builds and drops, check out the art installations, mingle, and fuel up on food and drinks from the festival’s especially set up food trucks and bars. 
Get your tickets now, before the Scandi-cool crowd steals them all. 

In Short:

  • Three days of ultra-cool electronic acts
  • Awesome venue of a 200-foot-deep crater inside a forest
  • Buzzing atmosphere and pumped crowds
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager