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Why Isle of Wight Festival?

The anticipation is palpable as sunburnt bodies fuelled with cider twitch and eager eyes squint against the high noon glare, awaiting the first chord to ring out across rolling green fields and kick off the British summer. Where are we? Where else but the legendary Isle of Wight Festival!

This island off the south coast is England in miniature, with its striking Dover-like cliffs, undulating Yorkshire-esque countryside and pristine Cornish-ish beaches skirting the coast.

Once a year, the usually sleepy nugget bulges and vibrates with the pent up energy of 60,000-odd festival goers who know their long hot days are numbered!  

A Counterculture Institution.

As well as marking the true start of British summertime, Isle of Wight Festival is so highly revered for it’s “we do what we damn well want” attitude, as shaped by Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and The Who- its pioneering headliners back in 1968-1970.

Since then, an eclectic throng of nonconformist rock, pop and indie acts have taken to the stage and 2018’s Isle of Wight Festival is going to be a killer edition with UK festival exclusives from Arcade Fire and Kaiser Chiefs to David Guetta and even a bit of Rod Stewart. 

In Short:

  • It ain’t summer in England until Isle of Wight Festival says so!
  • Dear divas: upgrade to boutique tipis or the luxurious Camp Kerala.
  • Experience firsthand one of the most respected gigs in UK festival history.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager