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It’s The Ship Really Is The… Ship.

We love a good pun — almost as much as we love a bad one. It’s The Ship has us outdone before we’ve started, so let’s suffice to say it has a lot going for it even beyond the brilliantly pun-tastic name.

Billed as Asia’s largest festival at sea, It’s The Ship is four sun-soaked days and three hedonic nights on a luxury cruise ship. Imagine: by day you’ll be sunbathing at a deck pool, doing yoga or rock climbing, eating gourmet lunches or just relaxing with friends. Then the parties start to amp up, the headlining DJs take the floor and the whole ship becomes one huge pumping music festival, giving new meaning to the phrase if this ship’s a rocking…

What Makes It’s The Ship Special?

What other experience puts you on board an 18-deck cruise liner with a waterslide park and zip line, bowling alley, 3D movie theatre, mini-golf course, Singapore’s iconic Zouk nightclub, as well as over 35 restaurant and bar concepts?

Not to mention experiencing it with a huge community of like-minded fun-loving folk who also happen to think that hanging around a glistening swimming pool in their swimwear all day off the coast of Phuket sounds like rather a good idea?

Answer: nowhere. It’s The Ship is unique. And oh buoy, that ship pun is ferry impressive indeed.

In Short:

  • 4 days and 3 nights on a luxurious 18-deck cruise liner
  • Headlining DJs, pop-up parties and crazy events, all out at sea without limits on sound volume!
  • Incredible onboard activities like water slide park, 3D movie theatre, rock climbing, nightclubs and restaurants
  • Experience Asia's largest music festival at sea!
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager