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Why Jedi Lightsaber Training?

 “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

You hear the words of Master Yoda echoing in your mind, as the force hums through your body. You are at peace here at the Jedi Lightsaber Training Academy and yet, you are primed for anything. Like bamboo in the wind, you sense your attacker close by. You drift to the left, unsheathing your lightsaber and parry the intended blow. Then you spin, and in one fluid motion, you finish him.

You’ve seen all the movies. You’ve crouched with the tigers, hidden the dragons and clocked all the games. Now experience the real thing and develop your skills in one of the most awesome evolutions of martial arts since the one-inch punch. Jedi Lightsaber Training is a brand new method of combat that allows you to train your body and mind and unleash the warrior within. 

A Timeless Discipline

But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just for fun. Sure, there’s great delight in defeating your buddy and unleashing those swashbuckling, star-warring ways. But Jedi Lightsaber Training is a discipline in itself that embraces enjoyment, but teaches respect, discipline, imagination, elegance and reflexes. Train with skilled teachers, duel with fellow combatants and learn the skills of fighting with a weapon that has a weightless blade.  

With schools in multiple cities across nine countries around the globe, this combat style has a rapidly growing popularity. Don’t miss out on being one the forerunners of a movement that embraces both the ancient arts and the futuristic modes passed down from the Star Warsäuniverse. The way of the warrior is within you. You were born for this!

In Short:

  • Develop new skills and abilities within a codified system
  • Learn to fight others in a free flowing, safe environment
  • Embrace the principles of loyalty, discipline, fair-play and respect
  • Duel with a lightsaber!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager